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Urwerk UR 1001 Pocket Watch

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pocket watches nowadays are not as popular as they were before. With other gadgets and devices now able to provide people with time, having a pocket watch only seems to be something sort of a weighty addition to what one brings along. They somehow may have been relegated to a collectors item this time. And boy, how makers like Urwerk have made them into something more than just a collector's item. Simply looking at the new Urwerk UR 1001 Pocket Watch will make it all clear.

The new Urwerk UR 1001 is more than just any ordinary pocket watch. Yes, it tells its owner the time and date. But it also does more. It is able to provide owners with a means to keep track of its own functional life. It contains a gauge that tells the owner when the watch is to be serviced. This watch also has an indicator that goes up to 1,000 years. And to ensure that the watch can extend for that number of years, it is made of tough non-magnetic ARCAP alloy with the watch face encased in sapphire crystal. The Urwerk UR 1001 pocket watch is also quite a collectible as it is a limited edition watch from Urwerk. This pocket watch comes at an astonishing 340,000 Swiss Francs. That's around US$425, 690, truly a pocket watch that only serious collectors can afford.

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