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An Introduction to The Mutewatch

Monday, September 12, 2011

If you happen find a conventional digital watch too obtrusive with its pedestrian “always-on” display and audible alarm, the Mutewatch might just be the solution. The Mutewatch is a single piece rubberized watch from a Stockholm, Sweden based company of the same name. This one-size -fits-all minimalist watch incorporates a capacitive touchscreen, an led segment display, a motion sensor, and a vibrating alarm. There are no buttons and the screen is activated by flicking your wrist (presumably similar to the Auto-EL feature on G-Shocks) or touching the screen. Once the watch is visually active you can swipe between the clock, an alarm or a timer. Setting the functions is as easy as tapping and sliding the digits you would like to change.

The stand-out feature for the Mutewatch will be the vibrating alarm which can actively adjust its strength given data from the motion sensor. The Mutewatch is powered by an internal battery which is rated for 1-2 weeks of use depending on the application (more vibration and screen use will render less battery life). Replenishing the battery’s charge is done via a usb connection and a fill up should take about 2 hours. The Mutewatch is a rare example of a product that looks like a design study but is still going into production. The combination of $259 and 5-6 weeks of your patience will land you a Mutewatch in your choice of red, grey or white.

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