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The Mutewatch

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Mutewatch  
Wrist watches today may no longer be as essential as they were before. People now have other ways to tell time via their other essential devices such as smartphones, media players and even tablets. What may still make wrist watches relevant is that they are worn more as a fashion statement nowadays. That is the very reason why unique looking watches like the Mutewatch are becoming more and more appealing.

The Mutewatch is simple and yet offers more unique features in terms of design and function. For some it may look like just a unique looking bracelet since it ordinarily just has a blank screen where the time should have been displayed. But that is where the Mutewatch may appeal to the ordinary user.

In order to display the time, the user may need to touch the display screen for the time to appear. Another option is by flicking the wrist 90 degrees. And to go through the different watch modes, users need to swipe through the screen, somewhat similar to swiping on smartphones nowadays. The Mutewatch comes with alarm, timer and clock modes. It can also be charged via USB using an accompanying cable. Quite an interesting and unique wrist watch to have, the Mutewatch is now available at Watchismo for US$258.

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