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TriArch LED Watch

Thursday, July 5, 2012

TriArch LED Watch  
Most wrist watches today are really trying to give people a different way of telling time. There are now wrist watches that offer an unusual way of giving you the time, which sometimes take some time to get accustomed after learning for years to tell time the usual way. One of them that some people would probably see is this unique TriArch LED Watch.

The TriArch LED Watch is unique in its own way of telling the time. The watch face features 26 LED lights arrange in arches in order to tell time. 12 LED's indicate the hour, 5 LED's tell the minutes in increments of tens and 9 LED's to indicate the single minutes. Two other LED's indicate whether the time is AM or PM. A push of a button would then indicate the date on the watch. The TriArch LED Watch comes with a black electroplated finish that further gives this unique watch its distinct character. This unique wrist watch is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$130.

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