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VEA Sportive Training Watch

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With more and more portable devices now available for people to use, it may become quite inconvenient to bring them all with you at any one time. It might even become quite uncomfortable having all these devices in your person when you are going around, no matter how essential they may be for your daily life. For example, how can a jogger bring a mobile phone, mp3 player and even a digital camera without feeling uncomfortable jogging having to bring all these? A simple solution would be getting a single device integrating all these features and more, much like the upcoming VEA Sportive Training Watch.

The VEA Sportive is more than just an ordinary training watch. Aside from being a training watch that helps you keep track of data like distance traveled, speed, heart rate, and calories burned, it also has other interesting features. This watch also comes with basic mobile phone functionality with Bluetooth connectivity to help you make and receive calls. And that's not all.

The VEA Sportive also has a digital camera and an mp3 player built in. it also comes with 8GB of storage and an SOS button that sends location and other info in cases of emergency. Oh yes, have we mentioned that it can also tell the time on its 1.5 inch touchscreen display? The VEA Sportive is expected to be available in Europe by the July 14th. It may not be a watch for the penny pinchers since it is expected to cost around 399 Euros or around US$578.

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