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Kisai Stencil LCD Watch

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kisai Stencil LCD Watch
Wrist watches nowadays are being worn more for their form than for their function. It is now primarily being used as a fashion statement of sorts, the cooler the watch looks, the better. And the people at Tokyo Flash know this with their many interesting versions for wrist watches like the Kisai Stencil LCD Watch.

The Kisai Stencil LCD Watch is one of those wrist watches that do not look like any typical wrist watch in terms of telling the time. Looking at it for the first time will make reading time on the watch a complicated matter, just like in the typical Tokyo Flash fashion. But once you get the hang of it, telling time on the Kisai Stencil LCD Watch is actually just simple.

The LCD display on the Kisai Stencil Watch has a choice of five different colors. And just like any other wrist watch, it also displays time, date and also has an alarm mode. The Kisai Stencil LCD Watch is available at Tokyo Flash for US$139.

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