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Haoshi's Merry-Go-Round Clock

Friday, January 6, 2012

Haoshi's Merry-Go-Round Clock
I like unusual clocks, but I still like to be able to tell time with a quick glance – even if it means I have to learn a pattern of lights or something.  The Haoshi's Merry-Go-Round Carousel Clock from A+R Store certainly is described by “unusual”, but I'm not sure that I'd ever be able to tell time with a quick glance.  The columns around the outside mark the hour positions for the clock.  Three disks inside act as the clock hands.  The inner disk has a boy mounted on a horse; this disk turns quickly to indicate seconds.  The middle disk, with a woman on a horse, marks the minutes.  The outer disk has a man on a horse; he moves slowly around the carousel to mark the hours.  I'm afraid the tent on top would block your view of the “hands” enough to make this “clock art” instead of just a “clock”.  The Haoshi's Merry-Go-Round Carousel Clock is 6″ in circumference and 6.5″ tall and is made of hand-finished resin.  The clock sells for $140.00.

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